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What started out as colleagues providing music for a karaoke project of questionable quality turned into a musical collaboration between two friends. August and The Gun try to bring you a nice mix of catchy tunes ranging from sad songs for happy people to happy songs for sad people. Described by their close friends as being "OK" and "Mmmyeah...", we advise you to have a listen to our songs or better yet: visit us at one of our concerts.

2013-05-01 New website/new demo
...and we're back! As you may have read on our Facebook page, we recorded a demo at recording studio The Buzzy over a month ago. We at August and The Gun appreciate your input and since we followed some of your advice "not to quit our day jobs", getting that demo to you took us quite some time. But at last, here it is, along with a slightly renovated website. See you next year for the next news update.